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  1. 20151115_122721

    Well Sunday 14th Nov saw a small contingent set of for Huddersfield.

    Once we arrived we wpent inside and found a spot to watch from.

    In the meantime, Kai, Rhoslyin, Jessica, Ted and Tim prepared for the seminar.

    After the seminar was over the short lunch break had concluded the grading started.

    I witnessed at first hand the nerves some students displayed from the judges table. I dont know about any other Judges but I felt sorry for those coming up as it must be intimidating.

    At the end of the day I am happy to report that all our students passed; well done!

    My thanks go to John & Bev Morris for taking Michael and I to Huddersfield and to Ted and Jessica for car pooling with Rhoslyin and Lucy. Thank you all for your efforts.

  2. Some gruesome creatures were in attendance at Shaftesbury TKD (not the parents..although they can be scary sometimes).

    group of monsters 1   then we saw a poor individual with the niggest hernia I have seen; but he still keeps smiling bless hernia of biblical proportion  then the scary ones came out to poor boy laid an egg, the size of which brought tears to my eyes..look what i laid   then a horrific gruesome twosome showed up gruesome twosomeand scared those evil looking parents away, thus saving Halloween and ShaftTKD for another year.