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    The 250+ people who took part from England, Australia, Belarus, Georgia, Holland, Ireland, Kazakhstan, £atvia, Moldova, New Zealand, Russia, Romania, Sweden, Italy, Ukraine and of course Poland

    Mr Carr attended the 18th Central Summer training camp in Poland, this 10 day experience attracted over 250 people from across many different countries (including several famous world champions such as Katya Solovey of Ukraine). The camp was led by Master Jerzy Jedut, Master Tadeusz Loboda, Mr Jaroslaw Suska, Mr Robert Jasinski and Mr Kamola Slawomir. Two training sessions took place each day, with the technical aspects being covered in the morning, and sparring in the afternoon - the combination of 30+ degree weather, exceptionally difficult exercises and a very high technical standard of the participants meant that every session was mentally and physically exhausting. 

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    Patterns consultation with Jaroslaw Suska VI Dan patterns phenomenon

    There is no doubt that the level of training at this camp was world class, with a massive emphasis on kicking and leg control. Yoga and stretching sessions began each day at 7am, followed by breakfast and training, followed by lunch and training, followed by dinner. Self defense sessions were available in the evening with counter terrorist police officer Kamola Slawomir, and if you were still feeling energetic after that, one on one pattern consultations took place every night with the best patterns practitioner in the world, Jaroslaw Suska. The camp was based in the University for Sport in Biala Podlaska, bedrooms were ensuite and the building offered a swimming pool, indoor running track, canteen and massive sports halls.

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    One of the many kicking exercises

    There were two optional 'rest' days, giving the opportunity to travel to the Warsaw science museum, and the old town of Lublin, where we were shown around the Majdanek concentration camp - an experience which cannot be described with words alone. 

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    Melissa Timperley (New Zealand), Mike Carr, Master Loboda, Naomi Scott, Master Jedut, Daniel Caine

    For anyone who wishes to experience a truly intense and challenging week of Taekwon-Do training, this camp should be your number 1 choice! Many thanks to the Masters, instructors and students for making this event possible, oh and the biggest thanks of all goes to Daniel Caine of Wirral UKTA who helped me maintain my sanity during the many 'difficult' moments of our trip!

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    Danny Caine, Jaroslaw Suska, Mike Carr, Naomi Scott


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    Shaftesbury TKD was lucky enough to host a 5 hour kicking and flexibility workshop with the exceptionally talented Aaron Gassor – By 9:30am the floor had been fully matted, the pads were ready to be kicked, and people were starting to arrive.



    The junior session kicked off at 10am; after a quick burst of exercise, everyone was soon trying a variety of challenging stretches. Assisted by Sam Pupic and Aaron Rose, Mr Gassor had the group performing some impressive flexibility routines which some of my students are going to practise everyday - so I’ve been told! The workshop moved at a quick pace, covering as many things as possible – leg control was the next focus point, and a whole host of fun and effective drills were demonstrated. Just in case anybody wasn’t suitably impressed, Mr Gassor took on the ‘pick a move’ challenge, which basically saw him demonstrating some really impressive aerial kicking techniques, flips and freestyle moves! The autograph hunting which followed confirmed how much everybody had enjoyed the session!


    The adult session was underway by 11:30. Throughout the stretching session, Mr Gassor gave key tips on how to improve gradually, highlighting common stretching mistakes and how to keep motivated. Some fantastic methods of improving balance, leg control and speed were tried and tested by the group – if any drill was too easy, you could guarantee Mr Gassor could make it harder and harder so that everyone in the group was pushed to their limit! The group was split up into teams according to skill, and an element of competition was thrown in as we tried ‘the add on game’. Combinations of kicks were built up until one person in the group  couldn’t perform some of the kicks – this was a really good way of discovering which kicks work well consecutively.


    After a quick lunch break it was straight into sparring. Everybody gloved up and no time was wasted, attacking combinations and drills were used to get the group warm – Mr Gassor demonstrated a really simple and effective way of defending which he called ‘turtling’, many participants found this improved their confidence and took away some the fear of being hit. Some of the new skills were put into practise as we sparred with as many people as possible. The day was brought to a close with ‘the 3 minute challenge’ – 3 minutes of very intense exercise which made sure that everybody went away feeling like they had worked hard!



    This was a fantastic session, thanks to all those who supported the event from Shaftesbury UK-ITF, Wirral UKTA, Wirral TAGB, Manchester UKTC, Morley UKTA and IM Marsh Kickboxing. On behalf of everybody who attended – thanks to Aaron Gassor, Sam Pupic and Aaron Rose all of Gassor’s Taekwon-Do.