Taekwon-Do is by its very nature a contact sport and with that brings risk which is managed by instructors and students obeying the instructors direction. This is why it is mandatory to have insurance; which the club has, but it is also mandatory for students to have their own insurance through the organisational body, this is arranged between the student or their respective parent or guardian. You can download the form below.

In short, everyone has a duty of care to make sure they do not cause unnecessary risk to others.

We strongly recommend that the student has their OWN protective equipment for when they are sparring in class as well as competition. We recommend the following: Open Palm sparring gloves/Protective foot and shin guards/Gumshield/headguard and a Groin guard (Male). The club has been given a discount via if you wish to purchase your equipment from another outlet please discuss this with an instructor as to the suitability of the equipment, as we know the choice is wide ranging.

BTC Risk assessment form
BTC Health & Safety Policy
Student Handbook
Touch Gloves Enrolment Form (BTC)