Grading Info/Checklist

Grading Is it a local grading? Is it a Master Grading with a Seminar Seminar Only Yes


  Insurance upto date? Insurance upto date? Insurance upto date?    (see Instructor)
  Grading Form signed & handed in? Seminar/Grading Form signed & handed in? Seminar Form In    (see Instructor)
  Payment to Instructor before grading Seminar Payment and Grading Payment to Instructor Seminar Payment    (see Instructor)
   Bring your Insurance book with you or hand it to your Instructor


Your Iurance book has at the rear of the book your insurance expiry date.                                                                                              If it is out of date click the link above and complete it in and hand to your Instructor.

     At ShaftesburyTKD you can click on the belts below for the syllabus information you need      
 Please download each part of the syllabus by clicking on the belt for your next grading below (eg 8th Kup will need to download  8/9 & 10th Kup)   
  • One - Hana ("Ha-na") 
  • Two - Dul ("Dhool")
  • Three - Set ("Set")
  • Four - Net ("Net")
  • Five - Dasot ("Da-sut")
  • Six - Yasot ("Yo-sut")
  • Seven - Ilgup ("Eel-gope")
  • Eight - Yodol ("Yo-dull")
  • Nine - Ahop ("Ah-hope") 
  • Ten - Yeol ("Yull")

10th kup white belt

                9th kup white and yellow belt

yellow belt 8th kup    
  7th kup yellow and green belt                 6th kup geen belt 5th kup belt    
  4th kup blue belt                 3rd kup blue and red belt 2nd kup red belt    
                                                                                                       red and black 1st kup