RAMP exercise regime

Shaftesbury TKD

Developing safer and more effective Practices

Warm up

Movement preparation

Preparing your body properly for training and competition is important to ensure you perform to your potential and to reduce the risk of injuries.

The movement preparation sequence you could use is built on the RAMP framework:

Raise body temperature and heart rate

Activate key muscle groups

Mobilise joints

Potentiate prime the body for the maximal intensities it will be required to produce in the session/competition


2-3 minutes skipping/running on the spot/running around the room/ladders

50 jumping jacks

20 body weight squats

5 lunges on each leg

10 hip extensions (pic)

30 seconds Sit in deep squat position and gently move side to side to open the hips

10 Scorpion mobility exercise (pic)

5 each side Lunge position bringing arm through under the body the stretch through (pic)

Legs of man position with back leg straight- reach forward, then to each side holding end positions for a few seconds (we did this one in the session so Helen might have a picture as I haven’t got one sorry!)

10 T shape exercise- lying on front, thumbs up, arms straight in front, then to the side, then behind keeping head down

10 Arms across chest and opening out

10 skaters/hopping

10 push ups

Some basic movement preparation sequences that you would do in taekwondo

hip extension

scorpion mobility exercise

lunge mobility exercise

Reducing risk of injury

• Warm up and mobilise before any activity- prepare the muscles for the session

• 1 day off per week to recover

• Strengthen muscles

• Increase flexibility

• Ensure correct technique at all times

• Take breaks throughout the session- prevents tiredness of the neuromuscular system

• Opposing muscle groups should be of equal force to help stabilise joints and prevent muscles over working. The common weak muscle not often strengthened are abductors, hamstrings, back and triceps. Some examples of exercises for these are shown below

• Balance and preconception to be worked on. This helps to control any potential injury position the body may get into for example stopping you going over on your ankle- important for landing jumps/kicks

abductor exercise

Hamstring strength